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IT Support Companies

We strongly recommend that EstiPC users employ the services of a professional IT support company. This is particularly important if you're sharing projects and data between multiple computers using a network server or Dropbox.

If you're looking for an IT support company, the following are familar with EstiPC...

Quick General Enquiries

Please take a little time to provide details in your enquiry, rather than just 'Help' or 'Phone Me', as this will avoid subsequent delays. Thank you.

Detailed Specific Enquiries

If you're not sure about a particular EstiPC feature, or something unexpected is occurring, please contact us via email to .

Please make sure you are using the latest version of EstiPC if you think you have found a problem. Check your current version by running EstiPC and clicking menu Help / About. The latest version is 3.09i. Update if necessary from the Start page.

Screen shots are an excellent way of showing us what's happening, so please send some over with your enquiry. On a PC, press Print Screen on your keyboard to copy a screen shot image to your clipboard. Then paste the screen shot image into the body of an email using menu Edit / Paste in your email software.

If your enquiry relates to a particular project, please send us a copy of your project file. Attach the project file from your EstiPC Projects folder to an email. We will delete all our copies of your projects once the enquiry is answered.

Phone Support

We've found that supporting existing and potential EstiPC users via email is the most effective method for both you and us. Please contact us using this web form or via email rather than by phone. Thank you.

Handling EstiPC support is this way has allowed us to keep the staff who design, program and document the software involved in support. We believe this is preferable to employing less knowledgable telephone support staff or contracting out to external agencies or call centres. We're often complimented on our rapid and effective responses to support enquiries. We hope you'll have a similar experience!